There is much still to be done to maintain and improve the park. We want to provide educational materials on site, an vehicle to help those who cannot walk to get to the beach, more seating, and better evening lighting for safety and enhancement.

You can contribute time to the reconstruction of Beach Bluff Park, its floodwall, Sun Circle, benches, paths and plantings. There are many opportunities for volunteerism. Call any Board Member and ask to get plugged in.

You can contribute money in many ways:

- by becoming a CIA member - we are currently refreshing our website and member processes and will have more information soon.

- by buying a plank for $250 or a bench for $4000 with an inscription

- Help with the Jewelry Fundraising Initiative by donating unused jewelry or buying a piece or two.

- by donating your American Express points:

1. Go to the American Express “Members Give” website:
2. Click on the “DONATE NOW >” button on the right side (under “Contribute Now”)
3. On the next screen enter “Clifton Improvement Association” into the Nonprofit Name box and click the “Search” button
4. In the following result list click on “Clifton Improvement Association Inc” in Marblehead, which should be the second item
5. You should now see some information about the CIA, including the name of our president, our address at 10 Surf St, etc. This helps to ensure that you’ve found the correct non-profit organization. On this page you will find a large “Donate Now” button – click on it!
6. You can now select how many Membership Rewards Points you would like to donate…
The rest of the process is very much self-explanatory.  

This photo of the Beach Bluff Park in Swampscott and the CIA property across Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead was generously contributed by Alexander Falk and taken by Northeastern Aerial Photography

Here's an easy way to contribute - open an account at the Marblehead Savings Bank and the Bank will donate $25 to the CIA! Just tell them that you want them to do so!