Plantings ! 

Local landscaper Robert Dempster is working with Sun Circle sculptor Bruce Greenwald and landscaper Roberta Levy to design a varied, tranquil setting in which visitors will sit in contemplation amid some privacy, wander peaceful paths, and view the sea and beach from various vantage points.

Our Vision: Behind the protection of a new floodwall, Beach Bluff Park offers visitors tranquility and peace. Meandering paths lead around gentle dunes covered in beach grasses and small trees while the new Sun Circle provides focus, artistry, and education. (currently under reconstruction).

Beach Bluff Park, a small oceanfront park owned and cared for by the CIA, is open to the public and enjoyed in every season, year round. The new floodwall protects the paths, plants and benches from most storms. The exciting Sun Circle installation informs and delights visitors.

The landscaped area between the sidewalk and beach invites visitors to stroll its winding paths and sit on its welcoming benches which are scattered among indigenous plants. Since December 1993, when the family of John and Ruth Blodgett donated the park land for public use, it as become a source of great pleasure for neighbors, local fishermen and passers-by. People come aloneor gather in groups to enjoy the beauty of this site where land meets water and to take advantage of the spot for relaxation, family events, solitude, ceremonies and gatherings.

At high tide, when the beach disappears and the ocean splashes or crashes against the steps and base of the newly built stone revetment wall, Beach Bluff Park provides a safe, dry place to enjoy the view of Preston Beach.

We hope that you will make this park part of your life, through becoming a member of the CIA, volunteering, donating, and, of course, frequently visiting our shared seaside park.