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Get up, sleepy heads, and greet the first day of summer! Glory in the first rays of the sun at 5 am on Thursday, June 21. Once again, neighbors and visitors will gather at the naturally-formed millions-year-old basalt columns of the glorious Sun Circle at the Beach Bluff Park on the Swampscott Marblehead border to note the start of a new season.

Don Orne, Gong Master, will lead the participatory gathering in a celebration of the new season. Bruce Greenwald, sculptor and architect, will answer questions about the Sun Circle and its design and installation.

Generally the four times-a-year seasonal ceremonies are attended by 50 people or moresunrise at 5 am on Thursday, June 21! . "This ceremony is inclusive ” said Don Orne, who leads the ritual. “We welcome all and have Jewish people, Muslims, Christians, pagans and seculars.  With what’s going on the world, people need a place to find peace with each other and inspiration with the natural world.” Orne calls the circle together by blowing a conch shell. 

"The regular crowd includes the officers and Board of the Clifton Improvement Association, a group of bikers from Gut 'n Feathers', the Marblehead Peace Committee and Ministerial Association, photographers and artists and is quite a diverse group!" enthused CIA President Lynn Nadeau, "And so many people comment that they are thankful for the event. Some people are grateful for the knowledge they have gained about the sun's position on the horizon. Some people deeply appreciate the diverse blessings which raise life above the quotidian. Some people love sharing the moment whether it be the music, the singing bowl or the surprise contributions. It's just a wonderful communal experience!"


The Park

We own and maintain this seaside park for the enjoyment of the community and provide nearby parking for our members and visitors.

The Sun Circle


Located in the center of our park, the Sun Circle is an astronomical sculpture. The stone sentinels surrounding the central platform mark the locations of the rising and setting sun on the solstice and equinox dates throughout the year.


Founded in 1934, the CIA has a long history leading up to  the 1991 gifting of the property that now comprises our park.





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Upcoming Events

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